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FLEET Wall Mounted Comerciaaal Industrial Boilers

FLEET - Wall Mounted Boilers

Joint design of the wallr mounted range.

Not only work on the boiler itself but also on the ancillary equipment that is supplied,

Aluminium Diecast Heat Exchanger

The Heatexchanger

Extensive liason with casting manufacturer

The heat exchanger having already been designed gave many process and design challenges. A tight control  of datums an mating features enabled the implimentation of this assembly into the finished boiler.

FLEET Floor Mounted Comerciaaal Industrial Boilers

FLEET-Floor Mounted Boilers

Joint design of the floor mounted range.

Again not only work on the boiler itself but also on the ancillary equipment that is supplied. Even down to the packaging and transport of the finished product 
(Above is a 1.6 Megawatt system) 

High Impact Polypropylene HIPP

FLEET-Modular Sump

Concept to Production

One of the bigest challenges was to design a sump system that fell within budget and withstand the harsh enviroment. Clever tooling allowed for multiple varients to be accomodated.

design of Casing Ducting Gas Water Services

FLEET-Casing/Ducting/Gas & Water Services

Concept to production

You anly have to glance into a boiler to see thecomplexity of parts all of which has to be designed or packaged.

Electronic Interfaces

FLEET-Control Panel

Refinement of an existing concept to add style and flare to the product.

It is always nice to work on anything that has an aesthetic appeal. I worked on this injection moulding  together with panelling to give a clean and stylish appearence to the boiler range.