Concept Analysis

Concept Analysis

I have found this a useful tools and helps to firm up both internal and external customer requirements

Analysis and scoring of a concept against defined requirements is one of the most important starts to a design. It sorts out the 'must haves' from 'would likes' and serves as a record of why decisions are made . Scoring against a benchmark clearly shows if a new concept gives sufficient benefit and highlights the concept most likely to succeed.

Design for assembly and manufacture BOOTHROYD DEWHURST

Design for Assembly and Manufacture

Again a most useful tool, one of which has proved beneficial to reduce cost and complexity and aid assembly

Once understood this tool leaves the engineer already equiped with a logical approach to design of assemblies. When used as an analysis tool for an existing design I have personally seen a reduction in an assemblies component part count of 77%

Design Failiure Mode and Effect Analysis BOOTHROYD DEWHURST

Design Failiure Mode & Effect Analysis

DFMEA widley used by automotive & aerospace companies where designs may lead to risk to life.

A DFMEA will highlight any design risk and be a tool to plan  the implementation of design recommendations so as to reduce that risk.